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We discover great businesses.

Discovri: We invest in exceptional ideas and extraordinary people.

We believe that a business doesn’t have to be perfect to be remarkable. We are a family office investment and business creation platform that focuses on micro-cap investing. We seek to make investments in early-stage and small businesses that fall outside of the typical venture capital model and below the radar for traditional lower middle market private equity interest.

The companies we invest in usually look like this:

Emerging Companies With Actionable Ideas

You have an intriguing business concept with a minimum viable product or service but lack the resources and support to realize the opportunity.

Scalable Revenue Model and Path to Profitability

You've scaled your business with real customers and revenue, but you are interested in taking the business to the next level.

Nonconforming Venture Business

You’ve raised some money and built a good business, but you can’t achieve the scale expected from angel and venture investors.

Founder Exit

You’re looking for the ability to transition your ownership, but the business hasn’t quite reached the size or scale for a traditional exit.

Distressed Situations

Your business may have stumbled a little but can return to sustainable success with some reimagination.

We like to invest in businesses that have:

A Cool Factor

Something that our team can get excited about


Strong total addressable market and demonstrated revenue growth model

A Simple Business Model

You can explain it to your parents and friends – and they’ll actually get it


Can be operated from anywhere and customers are everywhere

Higher Margins

Healthy and sustainable

A Thoughtful Business Concept

Strong thesis and commercial relevance

A Solid Foundation

Opportunities to build onto and improve


High integrity people who operate with extreme transparency

A Unique Advantage

Differentiated brand, community, or niche

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